Meet Wingman AI

The proven Voice First Intelligent Virtual Assistant for enterprises. Wingman AI offers automated (phone) calls, chat, zero touch analysis and design for predictive analytics and self-learning.

Wingman AI enables 24/7 availability, scalability, speed and hyper-relevance in any channel, any place and any language. This drives immediate business value and ROI for you.

Wingman AI in a nutshell

Learn how Wingman AI benefits enterprises as the most scalable and maintainable AI platform supporting conversational AI for chat, telephony, documents and more!

Typical Wingman AI cases

Wingman AI integrates into any existing enterprise environment and intelligently resolves any task from beginning to end.

Wingman AI achievements

Wingman AI is under continuous development and improvement with many more cutting edge capabilities to come. Stay tuned!

Wingman AI learns how to chat in any channel

Wingman AI is powered by neural machine translation

Wingman AI makes sense of documents

Wingman AI supports knowledge workers as a whisper agent

Wingman AI offers in- and outbound phone calls

Wingman AI automatically analyses and (re-)designs business processes

The company behind Wingman AI

Cognitive Affairs is an AI technology scale-up founded by Reiner Bruns and Roland Hallebeek to translate their proven track record of international and cross-industry enterprise experience into Wingman AI powered solutions that drive business value for you.