In- and Outbound Telephony

  • Intelligent virtual telephony agent embedded in contact center processes
  • Takes all calls to understand callers requests
  • Decides to handle the call fully automated or hand it off to human agents


Calls per day
20 k
Calls to human agents
40 %
Intents recognized
97 %
Time to value
3 mo

Channel Strategy and Cost Optimization

  • Co-listens and -reads in all channels and deflects to optimal channels
  • Intelligently routes requests reducing costs and increasing availability and quality


Cost to serve
23 %
Contacts deflected to chat
71 %
End-to-end-chats resolved
89 %
Time to value
2 mo

Whisper Agents for Knowledge Workers

  • Co-listens and reads in every channel and integrated with business systems and knowledge
  • Continuously proposes the most relevant cause(s) of action and knowledge to human agents
  • Learns from human colleagues about what processes and knowledge help customers best
  • Drives up automation of common processes


Calls per day
14 k
Automation of common processes
50 %
86 %
Time to value
1 d

Multi-channel conversational ecommerce

  • Recommends, cross- and up-sells infinite combinations of products and services for hyper-relevant and personalized offers
  • Opens new channels in 1-on-1 and group chats
  • All done at machine speed and scale


15 %
Conversion rate
65 %
Requests understood
86 %
Time to market
4 mo

Cognitive Affairs + Wingman AI

Our Wingman AI driven solutions are based on our 1:1:1 philosophy of business pragmatism and technology realism whilst the experience always stays human! This supports our customers in thinking big big, starting small, delivering value and ROI quickly and improve continuously.