We fully automate customer contacts with Wingman AI

Serving over 4 million chats and phone calls!

At Cognitive Affairs, we believe that everybody deserves help here and now. We design and build our Wingman AI platform to make keeping this promise valuable, fast and easy. In our vision conversations are at the heart of customer experiences.

We boost customer experiences and create happy customers for all our customers provided with always the best answers and solutions.

Meet Wingman AI

Wingman AI represents our AI first and API centred strategy for valuable, fast and easy customer experiences delivering hyper-relevant conversations at machine speed and scale.

Typical cases

With Wingman AI you are able to automate and boost your customer experiences, enhance efficiency and improve your customer, employee and partner engagement.

Wingman AI delivers instant business value and ROI whilst keeping the experience human!

Cognitive Affairs, the AI can-do company

Cognitive Affairs supports you to “think big, start small, deliver value fast and improve continuously” when it comes to enterprise AI, all guided by our Can-Do philosophy of business pragmatism and technology realism to AI technologies.

We bring a wide and deep international and cross-industry experience from delivering high value AI solutions quickly and constantly.